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As of 2015, there were 1.3 million American seniors in nursing homes. As you can see, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities, are a popular choice when it comes to providing older relatives with good care.

There comes a time where you may need to consider a senior living facility for your loved one. And when that time comes, you want to be prepared so you can find the best place possible for them.

Wondering what to ask your senior living facility? Then keep reading. We’ll give you 7 key questions you should have filed away for future use.

1. What Are the Levels of Care Available?

Everyone is a unique individual with their own special needs. This is especially true when you reach old age.

While some seniors are able to care for themselves on a completely independent level, others will need lots of care and attention. Whatever facility you choose, you’ll need to make sure they’re properly staffed and equipped.

For example, if your parent needs round-the-clock care because they have serious medical needs, then a facility that caters only to independent living will not be suitable.

Not only should you find out what levels of care are available, but you should also see if pricing changes if your loved one needs more care as time goes on. This is important since around 80% of seniors have at least 1 chronic disease.

Make sure you know what their pricing is like before you fully commit to a facility. That way, there are no surprises in the future.

2. How Much Do I Have to Pay?

On that note, you’ll want to ask upfront how much you have to pay for your elderly loved one’s stay at the facility. You should also ask how they do billing. Is it monthly or yearly?

In addition, you need to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. If they give you a monthly price, ask if that’s including or excluding utilities.

Again, the more in-depth you get with questions about fees and rent, the fewer surprises you’ll have later on.

3. What Accommodations Do Residents Stay In?

Looking at a senior living facility is the same as looking at a new apartment to stay in. You want to make sure the accommodations are nice, comfortable, and convenient. They’ll be spending their lives there, after all.

You’ll want to get a firsthand look at the accommodations to get a feel for things. You should also ask about what levels of privacy residents get, as that’s extremely important, especially for a senior who is trying to retain their independence.

The facility may have several floor plans available, so make sure you get a good look at each to see if they’re good for your loved one.

4. Are There Any Restrictions?

Each senior living facility will have its own rules and restrictions. For example, some will restrict the types of personal items you can bring. And visitor hours will be different for each place as well.

Plus, if your loved one really wants to bring or get a pet, you’ll want to make sure you don’t put them in a facility that forbids pets. That can be extremely heartbreaking for them.

You want to find a facility that has rules and regulations that are suitable for both your loved one and your family. That way, everyone is happy and able to see one another when it’s convenient.

5. What Staff Members Are in Attendance?

Of course, the facility should have attending staff members who take care of your loved one. However, they should also have trained medical professionals on staff as well, considering health issues are common in the elderly.

You need to make sure the facility you choose has plenty of qualified medical professionals on staff, both doctors and nurses.

Also, you should ask where the nearest hospital is and what the protocol is for transporting those who need medical attention. Time is of the essence for many emergencies, so you need to feel confident in their ability to help your loved one.

6. What Are Some Nearby Amenities?

If your loved one is capable of traveling on their own, then they’ll want to have some nearby amenities to visit. Ask about nearby restaurants, grocery stores, and more.

If there are nearby amenities, are they easily reachable, such as by public transportation? If not, are there things such as shuttles provided by the facility?

Getting out and about is very important for a senior’s mental health, so a senior living facility with plenty of nearby amenities can really make your loved one happy.

7. What Activities Are Available?

Human beings are social creatures, and that certainly doesn’t change in old age. A social senior is a happier and healthier senior.

An excellent facility should provide lots of activities for their residents to participate in. Not only does this enable your loved one to join in on things they love, but it also lets them make friends with similar interests.

Mental stimulation can actually keep your loved one’s brain in great shape and fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia. So the more they have to keep them occupied, the better shape they’ll be in.

Find the Perfect Senior Living Facility for Your Loved Ones

We understand that it may be difficult to put your older loved ones into a senior living facility. This is why we’ve strived to give you all the proper questions to ask when it’s inevitable that they need further care.

With these questions, you’ll hopefully be able to delve deeper into how a facility runs things. That way, you’ll have complete peace of mind entrusting your loved ones’ care in their hands.

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