“This is my second time doing rehab at this facility. I requested to come for the therapy. I knew the quality of therapy, along with my hard work would help me reach my goal of returning home alone, independently. I have met that goal! If I can come in here at age 90 and reach my goals, anyone can come in here and work hard to meet their goals!.” 

– Ena Yates


In August, Ena Yates was admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain. This resulted in overall weakness and a decline in sitting and standing balance. She was also completely dependent upon staff for all self-care and would require further therapy services in order to return to her previous level of function. She decided to join the interdisciplinary team here at Hillcreek Rehabilitation and Care. 

At Hillcreek, Ena received speech, occupational and physical therapy services seven days a week and gradually began to make improvements week to week. She began to dress herself and began to ambulate with a roller walker. She became more independent in her environment and eventually reached a level where she could safely return home. 

Ena is grateful to her new Hillcreek family and is excited to get back to Bunco nights with friends.