“The aides really care about their patients. A shout out to Kevin & Jeff who always went above and beyond for me. The therapy staff really helped me get back on my feet. They were always cheerful & pleasant. After 3 months of therapy and recuperation, I am very excited to finally go home.” 

– Alyson Ziegler


 In April of this year, Alyson Ziegler had a fall at home resulting in multiple injuries. She joined our team at Hillcreek dependent of all care, non weight bearing to right lower extremity as well as non weight bearing to left upper extremity. She had a decline in all mobility and self care tasks and required therapy to assist with regaining lost function. 

After several months of receiving intensive therapy seven days a week with our team, Alyson began to regain strength and functional independence. She progressed from NWB to RLE and being dependent for transfers, to ambulating around facility ad lib, requiring no assistive device. 

With strong family and staff support and determination, Alyson was able to return to her second story apartment at a level of modified independent with all ADLs and home management tasks.