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Our living centers are packed with amenities and services to ensure that your time here will be exceptional. Contact us to learn more.

Welcome to Our Safe and Friendly Community

If you are looking for a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, you have come to the right place. We offer all the care services you need to ensure your physical and mental well-being is being tended to while still allowing you to live as independently as possible. All our facilities offer wonderful amenities and activities to ensure that every day is filled with joy.

If you are interested in moving into one of our centers either for long-term care, assisted living, or short-term rehabilitation, give us a call today. We look forward to giving you a tour and discussing your needs.

Independent Living

When you choose a retirement community at one of our beautiful independent living centers, you benefit from an engaging community. This ensures that you will never be lonely and that there will always be someone around if you need some assistance. Our senior communities allow you to live independently while still ensuring you are safe and comfortable.

Assisted Living/Personal Care

This option is ideal for people who need or want assistance with certain day-to-day tasks such as light housekeeping, property maintenance, and more. This allows you to focus on participating in social activities instead of mundane tasks. We want your time here to be as enjoyable as possible!

Respite Care

If you are the primary caretaker for an older relative who needs extensive care, this option is for you. As a caretaker, it is more important than ever to care for your health and mental well-being. When you choose respite care, one of our friendly staff members will tend to your loved one while you take a break, run errands or take care of other tasks. This allows you to return refreshed and better able to care for your loved one.

Memory Care Facility

If you are looking for “memory care facilities near me,” you have come to the right place. We understand that no two residents are the same. That is why we take a compassionate and individualized approach to memory care. Our facilities are safe and offer stimulating activities to support memory health for as long as possible.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Our skilled health facilities were designed for people with advanced medical care needs. This may be short-term rehabilitation or long-term care for people who have chronic conditions. We can meet complex care needs including wound care, physical therapy, and more to ensure our residents are recovering.

Short-Term Rehab Facilities

In addition to long-term nursing care, we offer quality short-term rehab for people who are elderly. These facilities are specifically designed for people recovering from surgery or injury and allow you to have access to the therapy and treatment you need to get better fast. This can be much more convenient than recovering at home.

Post-COVID Recovery Facilities

If you have had complications due to COVID-19 and need ongoing care to get on the road to recovery, ask about our specialized post COVID-19 recovery facilities. This systemic illness is more complex than many people realize and may involve many systems in the body. We have the experience to address all the long-term effects so you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

Respiratory Therapy Facility

Whether you need respiratory care following COVID-19 or are suffering from another chronic illness, our respiratory therapy facility can provide you with the specialized support you need to manage your condition.

Hospice Care

It is never easy when you or a loved one needs hospice care. However, we do everything in our power to ensure that your loved one is comfortable and surrounded by everything they need while they are in our care.

How to Get Quality Care for Yourself or a Loved One

Step 1

Contact Us

Our friendly, knowledgeable team is ready and prepared to help answer any questions you may have. Call our office to receive information on our care and services. We also have a team that is dedicated to assisting you with any financial planning or assistance.

Step 2

Visit Us for an In-Person or Virtual Tour

We’ll show you the facilities, introduce you to our dedicated staff and answer any questions you have. We take every safety precaution for in-person tours, and we offer innovative virtual tours for your peace of mind.

Step 3

Move into an Exceptional Living Center

Once you are comfortable that you have chosen the right place, feel free to move in and begin enjoying a more carefree and comfortable life surrounded by new friends.

Why Choose Our Exceptional Living Centers?

Our number one priority is providing the best quality of life for all our residents, no matter what level of care they need. Our facilities are packed with amenities, and we have a highly skilled and caring staff. Some of our facilities have beauty shops, worship centers, educational programs, and more. Give us a call today to learn more about our commitment to exceptional care.

How Much Do Our Facilities Cost?

Our top priority is to ensure that you are getting the care you need to enjoy your life while at the center. We offer extensive financial planning services to help you connect with the resources you need to get started. We want to make sure our communities are accessible to as many people as possible.

Find an Exceptional Living Community Today

If you are looking for a warm and friendly “senior living community near me,” you have come to the right place. We can’t wait to give you a tour of our facilities and welcome you into our wonderful family.

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