“I was really sick coming into rehab. I was scared at first, but everyone was nice. Being bedridden was hard, but my therapists really helped me through the hard times and Zehra, my rehab mom, always looked out for me. I haven’t been home for two months and I’m excited to finally go home.” 

– Jose Delgado


Jose Delgado was just like any typical 18 year old high school senior, with plans of graduating and beginning his new adventures as an adult. Unfortunately, earlier this year, those plans would be put on hold as the world began to face new challenges with the coronavirus pandemic. 

In April, Jose began to experience extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. As recommended, Jose visited the hospital and was tested for COVID-19. While at home awaiting his results, his condition worsened, which resulted in Jose needing to be admitted to the hospital and placed on a ventilator for 12 days. Jose had tested positive for COVID-19 and pneumonia. 

Once he was medically stable, Jose was able to join the team at Hillcreek Rehab and Care’s new Respiratory Recovery Unit. There, he received PT and OT daily and once clear of the coronavirus, he was able to move to the rehab unit for more extensive therapy. 

Jose worked daily with the therapy team and began to slowly regain strength and independence. Jose’s determination, resilience and strong staff and family support gave him the edge he needed to fight this virus and return home with his mother. He was even able to graduate from high school and is looking forward to beginning this new journey into adulthood stronger and better than before.