“I chose to come here because my brother and my husband both had rehab and nursing services here. The care was excellent with great attention to detail. They made me feel as though I was a priority at a time when I needed the most help. I highly recommend Hillcreek for rehabilitation. I have also chosen to return to Hillcreek for outpatient rehab services once I leave.” 

– Marsha Serdenis 


Prior to November of this year, Marsha Serdenis was independent with all self-care tasks and lived at home with her husband. She was also responsible for cooking, cleaning and running errands, such as going to the grocery store. That all changed after a fall at home, resulting in a left hip fracture. 

At the hospital, she presented with a decline in self-care, standing balance and home management tasks. Therefore, Mrs.Serdenis decided to join our team here at Hillcreek Rehab and Care. 

Mrs. Serdenis received skilled OT and PT services 7 days a week in order to regain strength and independence to return with her husband. Gradually she became stronger and her balance improved. Her ambulation progressed and she was requiring less and less assistance from staff for her care. 

She eventually was well enough to go back home, but required further therapy in order to obtain maximum potential. She was so pleased with her therapy that she decided to continue physical therapy with Hillcreek’s outpatient services.