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“Thank u for caring for my dad for almost 3 months as he passed away in October. It was hard for us to take care for him as dementia gotten worse.”

– Dan

“Kirtland is a nice place for your loved ones they take pride in caring for your loved ones and the is always clean and the nurses are wonderful , and coleen, and Tiffany handles the business aspect very well. Chris the activities director always plan out fun activities and nice treats for the residents my friend love it their she has made friends and she is happy.”

– Marlene

“I recently had to place my father here. The staff were amazingly attentive and compassionate. I am so thankful for all at Kirtland Rehab!”

– Dayna

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Kirtland Rehabilitation and Care is located in central downtown Kirtland, off Chillicothe Road. Founded in 1973, Kirtland Rehabilitation provides exceptional care to the older adult population. Through our healthcare heroes and dedicated longevity of staff, we enhance the life of each individual we touch by exceeding expectations through compassion and love.

Kirtland offers specialized services that adequately meet the holistic and person-centered care model. In these services, we internally employ qualified therapists, social workers, nurse practitioners, physicians, and other healthcare personnel that care for our residents in their custom-made needs.

Kirtland Rehabilitation and Care promises to provide the highest customer satisfaction, communication, and quality of care to all residents and families.

Community Highlights:

Celebrating over 44 years serving the greater Cleveland, Ohio area

Private rooms available

Medicare and Medicaid Certified

Located near Penitentiary Glen Reservation and Stoney Brook Falls

Awarded 2022 Large Business of the Year by the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce

Proud Member of the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce


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Hear from Our Caring Staff…

April H.

“Working at Kirtland is like getting up to go visit with family and friends. It is not work. The atmosphere is friendly and easy-going. We all come together as a team to make sure our residents receive quality care. In the three years I’ve been here, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions to join this family. “

Samantha K.

“I have been at Kirtland for around a year. Ever since I came on board, the staff and management have made me feel welcome and appreciated. Managers help feed residents, aides help out when needed, and the nurses jump in to assist in giving hands-on care. The environment is truly resident-focused. “

Mission Statement

Our mission and purpose is to enhance the life of each individual we touch by exceeding expectations through compassion and love.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the premier provider of exceptional service.


At Kirtland Rehabilitation and Care, we constantly strive to provide the finest in nursing care. You will find:


Rehabilitative Care




Restorative Care






Central, PICC, and Midline Care Maintenance




Diabetes Management


IV Antibiotics


Orthopedic Post-Surgical Rehabilitation – Leg and Hip Fracture Specific


PEG feeding

Respiratory Therapy

Cardiac and Stroke Specialization


Complex Wound Care Program


Wound VAC

MONARCH memory care logo butterfly
MONARCH memory care logo butterfly

Monarch Memory Care

Monarch Memory Care is a model of caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias. The butterfly symbolizes the transformation that comes with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other types of memory impairment diseases. When we understand each resident’s journey, our staff can focus on individual strengths and help our residents feel a sense of normalization.

Specialized memory care communities are the best solution as residents progress with dementia or cognitive changes. In addition to providing a safe environment, memory care programs seek to delay cognitive decline while providing the opportunity for a social, independent lifestyle.

Our program is based on four pillars: caregiver education, person-centered care, social connection & meaningful engagement and family support & involvement.

Our Monarch Memory Care Program is recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association® for incorporating the evidence-based Dementia Care Practice Recommendations in the following topic areas: Alzheimer’s and dementia, person-centered care, assessment and care planning, activities of daily living, and behaviors and communication.

*The Alzheimer’s Association statement of recognition is not an endorsement of the professional training or evaluation of the care provided by the facility. The statement is valid for two years from the date of issue.


Our team at Exceptional Rehab is composed of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. We work directly with residents to achieve rehab goals to get you back on track. Rehabilitation can assist residents in regaining their highest level of functioning. Treatments are offered throughout the week at our well equipped facility by licensed professional therapists.

At Kirtland Rehabilitation and Care we focus on energizing and invigorating our rehab clients with therapy designed to achieve the highest possible reclaimed movement and functionality. We want to help our residents and clients establish a higher quality of life and better functionality than they ever thought possible.

At Kirtland Rehabilitation and Care, our therapy team builds long-standing relationships with the residents. When a resident discharges from therapy but remains in the building, our therapists continue to check on their needs and abilities, and if they notice a change in their abilities, they can sign back up for therapy services. Our proactive approach to therapy helps address changes before it leads to a significant decline. We are proud of our therapists here at Kirtland Rehabilitation and Care and look forward to continuing to help the members of our community regain their skills to their highest level and age in place with dignity.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists work with residents in training for increased mobility, gait stability, posture and positioning. Exercise programs are implemented to increase muscle function, coordination and endurance. Individualized treatment may also include joint and soft tissue mobilization to increase range of motion, wound care, and pain management. Fall Prevention and education are also provided.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists address communication and swallowing dysfunction. Treatment plans can include recovery of speech, language, and memory skills. Activities for memory, orientation, and cognitive abilities can be implemented. Oral muscle strength and functioning required for speaking and swallowing as well as appropriate/safe diet recommendations can be designed for individual needs.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists work with residents in education and training in such areas as dressing, bathing, eating, grooming, and other activities of daily living. Adaptive techniques or equipment to overcome physical barriers can be recommended. Strength and coordination exercises are implemented to increase more independence in daily activities.

Success Stories

We are so proud of these residents! Thank you for trusting us with your care!


Friendly and thorough.

We feel our loved one is safe.

The staff are very friendly

They let me know how my mom is doing

e I do not know the area at all. …never been there…

The doctors and nurses/aids seem to be very attentive, and they keep on top of my dad‘s care. Staff seems friendly. Always willing to talk to me and answer my questions. The only reason I gave them a thumbs down this time is because the facility scheduled a care conference with my family to discuss my dad/his care and the nursing manager was the only staff member available to attend the meeting.

The care and treatment.

Very kind and compassionate towards residents and families

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