Meet Kathleen Davis, LPN

Kathleen Davis started her career in healthcare in 1981. Her first job? A nurse’s aide at Stanford Care and Rehabilitation in Stanford, Kentucky.

“I wanted to help people, make things better for them if I could,” she said. “I loved being a nurse’s aide.”

She eventually left Stanford Care for another opportunity, but five and a half years ago returned to where she started, now as an LPN. Then in March of 2020, the pandemic arrived.

“There is a lot more to do than there was before. You have all your regular duties, but now you also have all the PPE to put on, extra Covid19 charting, checking vital signs. Same number of hours, but a lot more work.”

Kathleen’s hall has 24 residents, and she says that while she may have more to do now, it is even harder on the residents. “We are the only people they see, so it’s important to talk to them a few minutes, sit with them, or spend a few minutes watching their show. It’s the little things that make a big difference.”

But when Kathleen contracted Covid-19 in July, she really began to understand how her residents felt. “I was hospitalized for a week and no one was able to visit. When I got Covid19 I really understood what they go through every day. You feel all alone, just you and God.”

Kathleen was off work for almost two months and says she almost did not come back. “Even though I tested positive for antibodies, I was still scared. But my residents needed me. Somebody has to take care of them.”

Now that she is back at work, she has no regrets. “I love my residents,” she said. “If they are happy, I’m happy.”