Fall Prevention For Seniors

Did you know that a simple accident like a fall can change your life?  Fall prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.  Falls can occur for everyone, but older men and women are more at risk for significant injury.  Thousands of seniors fall every year and cause harm to themselves by breaking bones. Unfortunately, for some, a broken bone can be the start of more serious problems that can significantly impact a person’s quality of life.   

Many falls occur within the home.  Many simple things can be done to help prevent falls at home. Adequate lighting in a home is essential. Replace light bulbs as necessary.  Lampshades should be used to prevent glare. Night lights can brighten dark areas of the home like a hallway or bathroom. Pathways throughout the home are other areas to check out.  Throw rugs or mats without rubber backings should have rubber under mats. These mats are very inexpensive and can be cut to fit the rug. Also, pathways should be free of clutter. Lastly, take a look at how you access items in the kitchen.  Frequently used items should be stored within arms reach. However, if a stool is necessary, it is best to use one with an extension to hold on to for stability. These tips are simple and can prevent you from falling.    

The therapy staff at Claremont Center continually educate their patients on safety as part of the rehabilitation program.  Recently Claremont Center had an opportunity to educate the local senior community on fall prevention as well. We participated in the Toms River Municipal Alliance’s annual health fair.  Our table provided tips on fall prevention and also offered self-test balance screenings to more than 400 seniors attending the fair. The event was both informative and fun for all. Many of the seniors tried the self-balance test.  We also had a volunteer from the next booth try out his balance. Toms River’s Fire Department Public Education Officer, Officer Yaiser, is seen in the photo taking the challenge. We were glad to be able to do our part in educating our local senior community on fall prevention so they can continue to live their life as independently and healthy as possible.