Sheila and mother Helen Kramer, Morning Breeze Resident
Giving Mom a hug for the first time after 10 months of being apart was fabulous. All those happy feelings of security and love was just what we needed.

I did not realize how much a simple hug does for the soul or for your loved one’s soul until you have been without one in so long. Being able to touch her, paint her nails, comb her hair or just see her face is something I will forever treasure.

Our visits peeking through the window and the occasional Facebook chat kept us connected emotionally, but the physical touch is something you cannot replace over the phone or through the window. I will never take for granted what the staff endured over those long, physically and emotionally straining months! Their hugs and kisses to Mom were second to none!

Never give up hope and never give up the chance to hug someone you love. As we all know now, in the blink of an eye you may not have that chance.

Daughter of Helen Kramer, Morning Breeze Resident