The past two years have caused an upheaval in everyone’s life in some way, shape or form. There is no getting around it, the pandemic did a number on us all, especially healthcare. Many stroke survivors and caregivers became isolated in their homes or senior living facility to keep themselves safe from the virus – but it also may have caused loneliness and a need for contact with others.

Our organization provides education on stroke prevention and recovery, so we were “grounded” and not able to get out to employee health fairs, clubs, hospitals and organizations who needed our services. Many stroke support groups went “online” to continue to offer support to the stroke population and educational zoom presentations were provided as well.

Now that many places are open again, Kentuckiana Stroke Association is attending some stroke support groups in person but also meeting with others on zoom. The many support groups in our area are listed on our website, and each group has a fantastic club leader who can help you get involved (either online or in person) so please take a look and contact the listed support group leaders to get involved! Much is available in our area to keep you engaged. Our stroke resource library offers books you can check out for free, a speaker’s bureau to provide groups with knowledgeable information, and opportunities for volunteerism at our many health events. Please reach out for support and find your stroke club at

You may also call our office at 502-499-5757 if you are in need of resources or stroke recovery information. We are here for YOU, the stroke survivor population. Come out in October to Brown Park for our annual Strides for Stroke walk geared towards survivors and their families to learn more about us and meet others in the community.