long term care

Is it time for one of your elderly loved ones to make the transition into senior living? Senior living communities are in no short supply, but how do you find the best one for your loved one and their situation?

Whether you’re planning for the future or you need immediate assistance, we’ve got the advice that you need to make an informed decision about assisted living and other levels of care.

Keep reading for a few factors that you should consider when you’re trying to find the best long-term care options for your loved ones.

What Is Your Budget and What Is The Cost?

Cost is a big factor when it comes to senior living. Many people start planning for their long-term care years or decades in advance to make sure that they’re able to afford it.

Make sure you know what you’re able to spend when you start looking at communities so that you don’t find yourself in debt and you or your loved one doesn’t have to leave their community due to a lack of funds.

Luckily, most skilled nursing communities accept Medicaid and many eligible communities accept long term care insurance to make the cost burden lighter.

What Kind of Care Center Does Your Loved One Need?

Did you know that there are different forms of elderly care available? All seniors have different needs, and these needs may change over time. It’s important to look into care centers that progress with your loved one. In other words, you’re looking for a good “forever home” that helps with every life transition that your loved one may experience.

These are the general options for long term care that you have to choose from. Make sure to discuss these options with your loved ones so they can decide what’s right for them.

Independent Living

Independent living is often the first step of senior care.

This kind of living situation feels similar to living in an apartment or neighborhood community. This is best for seniors who don’t yet want to give up their independence and would like to live on their own. These seniors need help with some things and they want the safety net of medical professionals without having to be in a full-time care facility.

These seniors are still mobile, healthy, and relatively able-bodied. They want to experience a community that feels authentic.

This living style offers all of the benefits of a social community and a health provider in one package, and when your loved one is ready to move into a more structured residential living situation the transition is easy and smooth.

Assisted Living or Personal Care

Assisted living is the next step in long term care. This kind of living situation is best for people who need some help with their day-to-day tasks, but they still want to be independent and have their own space.

Unlike independent living, assisted living communities have caregivers on staff for help with daily activities such as bathing or dressing that may be difficult for your elderly loved ones. Housekeeping and dining services are also provided.

This means that the seniors are able to go about their lives without those daily stresses and enjoy their time in the long term care center.

Skilled Health Care

Skilled health care is available for people who need extra help. They may be suffering from a long-term illness or recovering from an injury. They need frequent medical attention and benefit from 24/7 nursing staff and onsite rehab services.

Skilled health care providers are able to help you or your loved one live in comfort.

Memory Care

Memory care is best suited for seniors who suffer from unique memory-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

These conditions can be dangerous when left unmonitored, but memory care provides a safe and healthy environment to ensure that your loved one is stimulated and secure.

Where Does Your Loved One Want to Live?

When you’re picking a senior living community, take note of what your loved one wants as far as location goes.

Your loved one doesn’t have to live where you live, but if they didn’t in the past they may want to make that move.

They may be interested in living somewhere with a four-season climate or they may have more interest in living somewhere warm year-round.

Your loved one is retired and ready to live a life of ease and luxury. Take their needs into account when you’re choosing their new home.

What Is The Environment Like?

It’s important for you and your loved one to take an in-person or virtual tour of the community before you make your decision.

How are the grounds? What kind of amenities are offered to make the stay enjoyable?

Remember, this is going to be your loved one’s forever home. They need to enjoy the environment and the social community that they’re going to be spending time with.

How Much Experience Do The Workers Have?

Having skilled and experienced caregivers is crucial for any long term care facility. The center should have a history of happy seniors and the caregivers should be experienced in their respective duties.

A care center should be happy to talk about their credentials and the credentials of their employees. You want compassionate caregivers who treat your loved one like a family member.

Choosing Long Term Care Is a Big Decision

When you’re choosing senior living there’s a lot to take into consideration. It can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders but if you keep these factors in mind, you’ll find the senior living community that’s right for your loved one.

When your loved one is ready, we’re here to help them. Visit our site to find the community that’s right for you. We provide compassionate care and we’re excited to meet you!