Caring for an elderly parent or adult with developmental needs is a full-time job. “More than 53 million adults provide unpaid care to someone over 50 in the U.S.”

The unsung heroes who dedicate their time are special people. If this sounds like you, you may be interested to learn more about respite care.

You may be wondering, “What is respite care?”

Respite care, in short, is care provided on a planned or emergency basis. A trained professional will give you a break as needed. Please continue reading to learn more about respite care and why it is essential. 

What Is Respite Care

The respite care definition is temporary institutional care of an elderly, disabled, or sick individual. Respite care provides relief to the primary caregiver.

This relief will allow the caregiver time to attend to personal matters—the time needed to participate in doctor’s appointments, shopping trips, and the ability to relax.  

During your free time, you will have the opportunity to socialize and do something fun with your friends and family. The chance to take a vacation and rediscover your sense of self will be much more enjoyable with respite care. 

Exceptional Living Centers is there to help you every step of the way. Financial planning is the first place you should begin in planning respite care. Discover what financial options are available to you, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Aid & Attendance Benefit for Veterans can help provide senior care for veterans and their spouses. The communities at Exceptional Living Centers also accept long-term care insurance.

Regardless of your financial situation, you can rest assured knowing Exceptional Living Centers has the perfect community for your elderly parent. 

How Respite Care Can Benefit Your Senior

You’ve got your airline tickets booked, your bags packed, and you are ready to head to the airport.

You experience this overwhelming sense of guilt while driving to leave on vacation. Your elderly parent depends on you for daily care. Respite care can be the answer to your prayers.

Your parent will have the opportunity to socialize and meet new people. If your senior mother or father hasn’t considered senior living, this will provide an opportunity. 

Respite care usually takes place inside senior living facilities. At Exceptional Living Centers, you can find a community that best fits your senior’s needs. Communities vary by different levels of care offered and life stages. 

How to Find Respite Care Near Me

The first step in finding respite care is determining what type of respite care you need. 

If you are planning a short day trip and your loved one doesn’t have any medical needs, you can ask a family member or friend to provide care in your absence. 

Care can range from companionship to more extensive care requiring medical assistance. A government-sponsored program called the ARCH National Respite Locator can be a valuable tool during your search. 

You can always reach out to an assisted living facility or nursing home to learn about their services. Keep in mind this option will likely be the most expensive choice.  

How Much Does Respite Care Cost

The cost of respite care varies depending on the type of care needed and the duration of stay. The location and community choice also play a part in the expenses. 

You can expect to spend an average of $150 to $300 a day in short-term respite care assisted living facility. Occasional respite care providing home services on average can cost $19,000.

A permanent residence in an assisted living facility or nursing home can run at an annual rate of $51,600.

Types of Respite Care

You have options for the respite care you wish to provide for your elderly parent. 

A respite care professional can visit your home if you’d prefer to have assistance in a familiar environment. Different providers will offer different levels of support. 

Home health aides may also provide support in doing light household tasks. Assisted living communities are a fantastic option for respite care. Your elderly parent has access to nutritious meals, transportation services, and fun, engaging activities. 

Why Respite Care Is So Important

Over time without respite care, you could begin to experience mental fatigue.

You will develop a sense of frustration and resentment. Being the primary caregiver for an elderly parent or relative is a huge responsibility. Respite care plays a vital role in providing you the time to take for yourself.

It would help if you had time to rest and step away from the caregiver role. Studies show that people who act as primary caregivers are at a higher risk of developing depression and chronic disease.

To avoid a potential burnout, you can schedule respite care. A respite care provider gives with relief when you need it. If you think you may be experiencing caregiver burnout, be on the lookout for these signs:

  • Exhaustion
  • Sleep issues
  • Inability to focus
  • irritability
  • Forgetfulness 

Maintaining your life responsibilities is as crucial as being a primary caregiver. 

How To Prepare Your Senior For Respite Care

Your senior may be apprehensive about welcoming a new person into their home. 

Here are a few helpful tips for transitioning to respite care seamlessly. Be positive. When you discuss the respite care process, be enthusiastic and make it sound exciting.

If your senior senses that you are comfortable at the prospect of respite care, they are more likely to be at ease. To avoid causing any anxiety, don’t discuss your respite care plans too far in advance.

Be calm when going over the details and expectations of senior care. Express your excitement in hearing all about your elderly parent’s respite care experience. 

Respite Care at Exceptional Living Centers

If your loved one requires respite care, you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to explain “what respite care is” and try to prepare your elderly parent for the new experience. 

Exceptional Living Centers strive to provide excellent care. As a caretaker, you deserve time to refresh and recharge. Providing long-term care can be mentally draining. 

You will have peace of mind knowing that your elderly parent receives quality care. Contact us today to learn more about respite care and senior care.