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Senior citizens make up a significant portion of the American population. There are more than 50 million seniors in the U.S., accounting for over 16% of the population. When people advance in age, their needs change. As a result, many of these older individuals will seek to move to a senior living community.

Different communities offer different levels of care, so it will take some work to find the perfect fit for the senior in your life.

Keep reading to learn how to find the ideal senior facility for your unique situation.

The Kinds of Senior Communities

The first step in finding the best senior living situation is understanding the kinds of senior communities.

Consider your senior’s physical and medical needs while browsing the various kinds of living facilities. Some seniors are rather independent while others may need specialized elderly care.

Independent Living

Independent living offers minimal levels of care. They’re perfect for seniors who no longer wish to maintain a home but still crave independence. Many of these facilities feature amenities like a dining room and a range of planned activities to help your senior maintain a fulfilling social life.

Assisted Living

Assisted living centers offer more support for seniors. In addition to the things offered by independent living situations, they typically include services that will help your family member in their day-to-day life. This could include assistance around the home, help with daily activities, and medication management.

Memory Care

If your loved one is battling Alzheimer’s or dementia, memory care facilities are the ideal place for them. These health complications can make life difficult, but the highly-trained and understanding staff at a memory care community will provide your loved one with the support they need to feel at home.

Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing facilities offer medical support for seniors who need regular medical attention. These usually employ on-site physicians and allow seniors access to nurses at all hours of the day. This kind of care can include things like rehabilitation services and help with a wide range of medical conditions.

Pick the Right Location

Location plays a very important role in finding your loved one’s ideal senior facility.

Consider its proximity to medical services. Most senior living communities are located near hospitals so residents can receive emergency treatment as soon as they need it.

Your loved one also might have a preference on location. If they’ve spent the bulk of their adult life in one area, they’ll find it difficult to leave. This is especially true if they have friends and family in the region.

However, some seniors are excited by the idea of relocating. If family members have moved away from the area, they might see moving to a senior community in a different part of the country as a great opportunity to start the next chapter of their life.

You should discuss the options and help the senior citizen in your life find their preferred location.

Consider the Cost

The price of the service plays a big role in determining the best facility for your family member. Fortunately, the average yearly cost of many senior communities is cheaper than paying for age-in-place services.

Most facilities offer advisory services that can help break down the costs for you. You may be able to save money by learning about tax deductions, VA benefits, and loan options.

Consider the Amenities and Culture

Amenities and culture are often the difference between an average community and the perfect one. Asking a few important questions will help you make your decision.

Does the center employ a chef? Many senior centers do, and it allows residents to enjoy high-quality meals.

Do they organize activities? The best senior care facilities take an active role in organizing various social activities. This helps foster a more welcoming culture and makes it easier for new residents to integrate into the community.

Other amenities to look for include car storage, fitness classes, social clubs, and religious services. Find a place that offers everything your family member needs to feel at home.

Learn the History of the Community

You need to get a read on the history and reputation of the senior living communities you’re looking at. The internet is a great resource for this.

Look for online reviews from seniors and their loved ones. The best communities will have plenty of positive reviews.

If you notice a negative review, consider how the facility’s representatives responded. Disgruntled individuals might leave less-than-stellar reviews but their problems are often solved swiftly.

Take a Tour

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, touring the senior living facilities is a great step to take. A first-hand look at the community can be enlightening. You can use the tour to assess many different things.

Browse the layout of the facility. Make sure it’s secure and that your family member can navigate it easily.

You’ll be able to gain valuable insight into the community’s culture while on the tour. For this, you’ll want to pay attention to the residents and staff.

If the atmosphere is pleasant, there’s a good chance your loved one will be happy there. The best facilities foster a positive connection between the residents and the staff.

The tour is also a great place to ask clarifying questions. You can learn about visiting times and any rules and regulations the community has.

Finally, sample the food on the tour. Dining facilities can make or break senior care facilities, and you want to be sure your loved one gets a healthy, tasty meal.

Choosing Your Loved One’s Senior Living Community

Moving a family member into a senior living facility is a major step. The community becomes their home, so you’ll have a lot to consider while searching for the right situation.

Find a senior living community that satisfies their medical needs, offers plenty of enriching activities, and is in the right location.

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