assisted living

There are 28,900 assisted living facilities in the US. These residential communities are made with the benefit of our loved ones in mind. But when the time comes to find the right place for your elderly parent or relative the choice is always difficult.

The difficulty isn’t just the amount of options you have to choose from. Generally, you have a lot of concerns about what your loved ones should get out of a facility.

Will they have independence? What about time to socialize with others? These questions spin in your head while you crunch numbers and try to find the very best place.

If you’re looking for information about programs, this is the article for you. We’ll discuss what you want out of a facility and how centers provide the best communities for your loved ones.

What Do You Want for Your Loved One?

Before talking about assisted living specifically, you need to consider what you want for your loved one. The things you choose to prioritize for them will determine their experience in assisted living.

Life Without Sacrifice

This is the number one thing you should keep in mind when looking for a facility. Big changes are hard. But change shouldn’t mean that your loved one has to sacrifice doing the things they love in order to get the care they need.

When choosing a facility, make sure to keep in mind the daily routines of your loved one that make them happy. Ask yourself: Will they still be able to do those things in their residential assisted living community?


Your loved one is a subjective human being. This means they’re going to want to be in a place where they are allowed to be independent. Research assisted living facilities that allow for agency and autonomy.

This is important because seniors typically fear losing their independence as they age.

A Sense of Community

Socialization is key for people in assisted living. This helps them from feeling isolated from their family and friends who don’t live there. A strong sense of community will help foster excitement and happiness for your loved one.

A sense of community might look like amenities or scheduled group activities. Find the type of community that would best suit your loved one’s current lifestyle.

A Safe Space

Safety is incredibly important. Anywhere your loved one is, you want them to be safe. You’ll find that a safe space is made up by caretakers, the environment, and the level of care given to those who need it.


Overall, assisted living facilities are meant to enhance one’s life, not detract from it. Happiness is certainly your number one concern when it comes to what you want for your loved one.

What Is Assisted Living?

Let’s talk about what assisted living is and how it differs from nursing homes. Assisted living might look different for some elderly people depending on how much care they require.


An assisted living facility gives elders personalized care in a residential environment. This isn’t the same thing as a nursing home. Nursing homes have a staff of certified nurses that offer more care.

Assisted living is for elders who are still able to be independent in some ways but need help in others. What they need help with varies depending on the person.

You’ll know when it’s time for a loved one to switch from living independently to assisted living. This is because you’ll notice that some daily tasks begin to take a toll on them.

Assistance With Day-to-Day Tasks

Assistance with day-to-day tasks can come in many forms. This might include help with getting dressed, tying shoes, light housekeeping, and property maintenance. Getting help with these small things allows your loved one to enjoy their social independence even more.

How Is Assisted Living Personalized?

Assisted living is personalized before your loved one ever moves into the residential community. First, their needs are assessed so that different types of help can be assigned as they need it.

How Exceptional Living Centers Can Fulfill Your Assisted Living Needs

Exceptional Living Centers offer high-quality communities all around the US that have assisted living services for your loved one. They keep in mind your loved one’s sacrifices, independence, sense of community, safety, and happiness.

Exceptional facilities enhance the lives of those who live there. They work on the basis of compassion and love. Also, their assisted living facilities are perfectly personalized.

Unique Care Services Offered by Exceptional

Exceptional offers unique care services that cater to physical, occupational, and speech rehabilitation within their assisted living facilities. Let’s talk about each of these specific rehabs.

Short-Term Rehab Facilities

Short-term rehab facilities are suited to help those who only need assisted living for a short period of time, but not permanently. This might be because they are recovering from an injury or surgery.

This type of recovery allows access to proper therapy and treatment. At Exceptional Living Centers, these resources make recovery much more comfortable than it would be at home.

Post-COVID Recovery Facilities

This last year has shown us that physical rehabilitation needs new sections for post-COVID residents. These are necessary within assisted living to help COVID patients get the ongoing care they need.

Staff at Exceptional have experience with the long-term effects of the disease. They can help you get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Respiratory Therapy Facilities

Respiratory therapy facilities can also pertain to COVID patients, but not always. It’s common for people to experience respiratory complications as they age.

There are several types of occupational rehabilitation therapies that can help with respiratory therapy. Exceptional can ensure that these needs will be met based on a personalized basis.

Choose Exceptional Care Services for Your Loved One

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that Exceptional Care Services can provide the perfect care for your loved one. They have an easy process for helping you find the right community. Once you find a community that looks suitable, you’ll be able to tour that location yourself to see if it’s a great fit.

Here at Exceptional Care Services, we’ll make sure that your loved one’s happiness is the number one priority. Contact us today to find an assisted living match.